Truck accidents have the potential to cause serious harm to unsuspecting drivers. While a standard car accident can do serious damage as well, even the mildest truck accident can cause a tremendous amount of damage to both property and your body. The ugly truth is that a truck accident can destroy your life. A massive semi-truck smashing into your car can leave you disabled or in some cases, dead.

While you may have managed to avoid death, you may have been left disabled. Suddenly being disabled comes with many problems. An experienced truck accident attorney can help make your disability not be in vain. Consult with a lawyer today to see if legal action against those responsible for your disability is right for you and your family.

Do I Get Special Compensation Because of My Disability?

Becoming disabled due to a truck accident can be costly. Whoever is presiding over your case will take your disability into account when it comes time to determine your compensation. It is possible that your disability could alter the way you perform your job, which could lead to lost wages. It is also possible you miss time from work to recover and rehab your injuries, which also can lead to a loss of income. A law firm helping clients with personal injury is always ready to help you.

Then there are factors like the loss of enjoyment of life, which may net you special compensation if it is deemed that you are no longer able to do something you enjoy, such as a hobby or recreational activity. A truck accident lawyer knows what can and cannot get you compensation, and they will always do their best to maximize the potential of your compensation to alleviate the pain and suffering of your sudden disability.

What If My Disability Has Affected the Relationship with My Significant Other?

One of the most grueling aspects of sustaining a sudden disability due to a truck accident is the changes to your relationships, specifically the relationship with your significant other. Your disability may not allow you to show affection or do things with your significant other that you otherwise would be able to do. This could cause a strain in your relationship and significantly lower your appreciation for life. It can be difficult to see your relationship deteriorate, especially since your disability wasn’t caused by you. You may earn additional compensation due to the loss of consortium (the loss of affection) if the court rules it to be necessary. An experienced lawyer can help you navigate these tricky issues and represent your case and evidence to the best of their ability to make sure you are well compensated for your losses.

Can a Truck Accident Lawyer Ensure I’m Compensated Fairly?

Ultimately, there may be no amount of money given to you that will make you feel better about your sudden disability. However, you can retain a sense of normalcy in your life if you seek legal action against the party responsible for your tragic injury. Barry Deacon Law empathizes with your situation and will do whatever it takes to bring you the compensation you rightfully deserve to continue your life with limited financial disruptions for you and your family.