Every year, many people are injured by products they own because they are misused or improperly stored. However, you might not know that manufacturers of these products might be liable for the injuries sustained if it is found that there wasn’t proper warning labeling and instructions included with the product. Warning labels are important for products that may cause harm if not handled appropriately. Manufacturers implement warning labels for their products to keep consumers safe and to avoid being liable should a consumer misuse their product. If a product that is deemed dangerous does not have the proper warning labels required, the manufacturer may be liable to compensate you for any injuries and consequences that stem from those injuries. Talk to a product liability attorney about your situation to see if you are eligible for compensation.

What Needs to be on the Warning Label for a Product?

It is important to note that many manufacturers do include warning labels for their products, but the information or instructions on the warning labels themselves may not be sufficient enough to aid a consumer in using their product safely. There are certain requirements a manufacturer must adhere to when it comes to proper warning labels.

A manufacturer must warn the consumer about what makes the product hazardous, what those hazards can do to the consumer, what steps need to be taken to avoid the hazards of the product, and what risks may be attributed to the hazards. If you have been injured by a product without these warnings on a label, it is important to reach out to a product liability lawyer as soon as you can to get started on a case against the liable party.

How Much Compensation May I Be Eligible For In My Product Liability Case?

Compensation from your product liability case may depend on several factors, but most importantly, the severity of your injuries and the effects your injuries had on your ability to work and enjoy life. If it is found that your injuries caused you to miss time from work and negatively affected the amount of income you made, the court may order the manufacturer that did not properly label the product to compensate you for your damages. Likewise, if you had to pay medical bills due to injuries you sustained from a product with improper labels, you may be eligible for compensation.

Are Lawyers Knowledgeable About Product Liability Cases Like Mine?

While many lawyers practice all kinds of law, some lawyers are more experienced with product liability cases. Barry Deacon Law has decades of experience in product liability and defective product cases. Contact Barry Deacon Law today for advice on how to proceed with your own product liability case.