After losing a spouse, you may be lost and stuck in a cycle of grief and pain for quite some time. It can make it difficult to do the most mundane and normal tasks. Even the thought of your deceased loved one has the potential to derail your entire day. Losing someone you love is no walk in the park, so it is okay if you don’t know what arrangements need to be made or if you have legal rights that you may use. Depending on the circumstances of your spouse’s death, you may have the right to pursue legal action against the party that may be liable for your spouse’s untimely death. After you go through your grieving process, it is highly advisable to contact a wrongful death attorney as soon as you can to determine if you are entitled to compensation for losing your spouse.

What Makes My Spouse’s Death Wrongful?

You may be wondering if you can take legal steps to hold others accountable for the death of your spouse. However, you may be unsure what a wrongful death even constitutes. A person or entity may be liable for your spouse’s wrongful death if it is found that they acted or behaved negligently or recklessly immediately preceding your spouse’s death.

For example, if someone was recklessly breaking traffic laws by speeding and changing lanes without warning and ends up killing your spouse in a car accident, they may be liable for the wrongful death of your spouse. Every situation is different, so it is advised to consult with an Austin personal injury lawyer first to make sure your spouse’s death is eligible for legal action.

Why Would I Be Compensated For My Spouse’s Wrongful Death?

One of the primary reasons you may be awarded compensation for the wrongful death of your spouse could be due to the fact your spouse was the primary moneymaker in your marriage. This means that if you were dependent on your spouse to provide basic living necessities such as housing, food, and water, you can be awarded compensation solely because of that.

However, additional compensation may be awarded for other factors including the amount of grief you have gone through, mental anguish, funeral costs, property damage, and more. If you believe your situation may call for a wrongful death lawsuit, talk to a wrongful death lawyer immediately to provide a helping hand with your case.

Can a Wrongful Death Attorney Help Me?

Barry Deacon Law knows the ins and outs of a wrongful death case. With years of experience working with clients, Barry Deacon Law knows how painful it can be to lose a loved one in an instant. Make sure you and your family are protected financially for the years to come and let Barry Deacon Law aid you during your troubling times.