You may be in shock moments after an 18-wheeler collides with you. Unlike with an average automobile, a simple bump from a semi-truck can cause you to lose complete control of your vehicle and severely injure you. When you are struck by a truck on the open road, it is important to remain calm and react as needed. If your accident is especially bad, do not attempt to move from the vehicle and risk further injury. It is advised that you should wait for medical professionals and law enforcement to arrive to aid you.

However, if you don’t appear to be injured, you might want to take photos and videos of the crash, as these could come in handy for insurance claims and potential legal action against the trucking company. Finally, after seeking medical attention as needed, you should contact a truck accident attorney to analyze your accident and see if your case is sufficient enough to move forward toward possible compensation for your accident and injuries.

Do I Need To Go To The Hospital Following a Truck Accident?

Seeking medical attention following a truck accident is highly advisable, even if you do not feel immediate pain following your accident. Adrenaline in the body kicks into high gear during high-shock, high-stress situations like truck accidents. This adrenaline can temporarily dull any pain your body might be experiencing otherwise.

Oftentimes, the following day after a truck accident, victims complain about soreness, stiffness, and other pains due to the accident. That is why seeking medical attention soon after your truck accident is important. If your pain is severe enough, you should consider going to the hospital to make sure your injuries don’t extend any further than bumps and bruises. Sometimes, internal injuries can rear their ugly heads shortly after a truck accident and really complicate matters. A hospital visit can help clear up the severity of your injuries.

What Proof Do I Need To Help My Truck Accident Claim?

If possible, taking videos and photographs of the damage, your injuries, the condition of the truck driver, skid marks, and asking for witnesses can help the success of your truck accident claim. It is also possible that trucks have a “black box” that video records the road while a truck drives. This can be helpful in your claim if it is deemed the truck driver was driving recklessly. An experienced lawyer will know all the evidence that could possibly help and be used in your case, so be sure to contact one as soon as possible.

How Can a Truck Accident Lawyer Make My Case Run Smoother?

No one wants to be in a truck accident, but unfortunately, it happens. Rather than going at it alone or not considering legal action against those responsible, consult with Barry Deacon Law to see if legal action is advisable under your circumstances. Barry Deacon Law will treat you with respect and give you honest advice about how to proceed with your case.